Small Group Study Guide



September 8th, 2019 | Teacher: Forrest Jenan


HANG OUT (Warming Up to the Topic)

  • Check-In. Have everyone indicate how they are doing this week by using their thumbs. Thumbs-up = great, thumbs side-ways = not bad, and thumbs-down = not good. Then check in with a few of the people in the group that are willing to share why behind the one they chose. 

  • Have a few of the people in the group share about a time where they made a big mistake in their life. (As a kid, high school, college, last week, whenever)  What does it feel like to make big mistakes? 

HEAR (Listening to God Through Scripture)

  • What was most helpful or challenging to you from this Sunday’s message? Explain why.

  • Why do you think ‘religion’ is so appealing, at least at first?

  • Why do you think ‘grace’ is so appealing to some but so threatening to others? (like the religious)  

  • There is an obvious tension that exists in grace and truth, rules and grace. This is a long-felt tension that Roman believers wrestled within the early church. Paul gives them some insight on how to manage this tension, as well as some insight into how significant this tension is in the life of a Christ-follower. 

  • Read Romans 6:1-14 together. What was the tension about ‘grace’ that Paul addresses right-off the bat? (vs 1-2). What conclusions does he come to about resolving this tension for us as believers (v 11-14) 

HUDDLE (making it personal and praying together)

  • Share a take-away and/or a next step for you from tonight’s conversation. 

  • What circumstance or challenge do you need God’s grace to cover for you in the days ahead?

  • Pray over these things.