We think it’s a big deal when someone takes a step towards getting connected to community here at Neighborhood Church. DiscoverNC is a monthly experience designed to let us get to know one another better. Maybe you have questions about spirituality, faith, or baptism. Maybe you’re trying to meet and connect with people, or find a group or a place to volunteer. Maybe you’d just like to meet our pastors in person, or learn more about what Neighborhood believes.

DiscoverNC lasts about 70 minutes. Childcare is provided and Tacos Galacticos will be served.



We believe that baptism is an important step for every person who has decided to follow Jesus. If you’re interested in being baptized at Neighborhood Church, or even if you just have questions regarding baptism in general, get signed up up the link below.


NC Groups

Find friends. Follow Jesus. Make a Difference.

NC Groups are THE place to experience community at Neighborhood Church. We have a diverse number of groups for all walks of life. To see a list of our Fall groups and to get signed up, hit the button below!



Wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible? Starting Point is gathering that provides an opportunity to explore faith in a very safe, non-threatening environment. In fact, no question is off-limits. As a result of this group, you’ll experience a taste of what it’s like to be in community with other people on a similar journey.



Serving on a team is more than simple volunteering, it's living out our mission: to inspire people wherever they are to live like Jesus wherever they go. No matter who you are, regardless ability or availability...there's an opportunity for you to join the mission than to serve with us at Neighborhood Church!


We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or help you get pointed in the right direction!